What Makes Software Testing & Quality Assurance Important Before Releasing Any Application Into The Market?

Technology is growing rapidly over the years and decades. Almost all the activities are directly or indirectly dependent on technology. Development of application and software covers the major part of technology development. Most of us are very familiar and cannot complete most of the tasks without smartphones or applications inside the smartphone. But how many of us know about the process of creating and testing applications before releasing them onto the internet?

Software & applications are created by software developers and programmers with great mental efforts. But, the application cannot be released soon after creation. To confirm the performance accuracy of the application, it goes through various tests by testers. Here we are going to discuss and learn about the testing of software and quality assurance before an application is released or launched.

What Is Software Testing And Quality Assurance In Application Development? Different Phases Of Testing’s.

Software Testing :

The process of testing the functionalities of created applications is software testing. It makes sure that the application is performing all kinds of functions that it is supposed to do. The process also helps the testers find the bugs and defects in the code. With the help of software testing, cost of development is reduced and clearing the bugs for enhanced performance.

Below mentioned are the types of software testing with respective objectives:

Acceptance Testing
By using this testing process, testers can confirm whether the software is performing or not as it is intended. The test will be completed when it reaches the requirements of the business. Business Acceptance test, User Acceptance Test, Alpha Testing, and Beta Testing are the types of acceptance testing.
Integration Testing
This phase of testing occurs between unit and system testing. The aim of this testing is to test all the individual software modules as a group. Integration testing is performed to test the software and find the faults in interaction between integration units.
Unit Testing
Smallest group of codes that are maintained and executed independently are known as units. In Unit Testing, all the components are tested for validating the units as they are performing or not as expected. This testing is performed directly by the developers while developing the application. It is a whitebox testing and developers can save resources, if they perform the unit testing properly in the early stages.
Functional Testing
Functional testing is a kind of black box testing. This testing is a process of quality assurance test by confirming all the functions of software are working properly. The testing is done by giving the commands or inputs and examining the results. Unit testing, Component testing, Integration testing, Regression testing, Sanity testing, and Smoke testing are the types of functional testing.
Performance Testing
The title of the testing explains the aim of Performance testing. It is the process of testing a system’s response over commands and stability under high workload. This test explains the speed, reliability, rigorousness, and size of the application. The error indicators of this test are browser, network response time, server query processing time, CPU memory consumption, and more.
Regression Testing
We often make sure that any changes or updates in life shouldn’t affect other parts of the life. Similarly, Regression testing also makes sure to keep all the existing functions safe and not affected whenever a new feature or update is added.
Sanity Testing
Testers perform Sanity Testing to conclude that produced material or software is rational or not. It is also known as surface level testing to ensure that the changes deployed are working properly without any bugs. To conclude, it is a brief run-through of functionalities, computer programs and more to ensure all are working as developers predicted.

Quality Assurance :

The process of testing and certifying the delivered product has achieved the level of agreed functionality or not is known as Quality Assurance. It is the proactive software testing process to check the service quality of software or applications. While testing, it requires the entire project team as the quality assurance is integrated into the software development lifecycle(SLDC). Quality Assurance enhances the productivity and performance of project’s team by providing the requirements.

Similar To Software Testing, Quality Assurance testing also divided into following

Regression Testing
Regression Testing is also involved in Software Testing and contains the same responsibilities here in the Quality Assurance Testing. It makes sure that the changes made in the code are not affecting any other features or services added previously in the application. It is one of the important tests in quality assurance testing.
Mobile Testing
As the applications and websites are used on mobile phones, it is important to test if the code or system is mobile friendly or not. It is the process of checking or testing the performance and usability of an application during various scenarios like low battery, phone call, multiple background applications and more. It is one of the unique testing process as mobiles contain various characteristics, screen sizes, and memory.
User Acceptance Testing
This testing is performed to confirm from the user’s side that there are no issues with the code or software built by developers. Developers can observe the undetected issues while performing user acceptance testing. After the review and feedback, developers can correct the code if there are any issues found.
Data Conversion Testing
This testing is used while new updates are added to the code. It checks the functionality of the application and detects the issues. This testing is used to confirm the compatibility between the old and new version of the application.


Software Testing and Quality Assurance are the practices used to ensure that there are no errors or bugs in the code before launching or releasing the applications. There are different types of testing, from code goes through to confirm that the end product has reached the level of target.
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